You Are The Light

By Mike Maddaloni on Monday, March 05, 2007 at 06:42 AM with 2 comments

The Olympics are coming... well, the committee from the US Olympics organization that will be choosing between Chicago and Los Angeles for the US entry for the 2016 summer Olympics is coming. They will arrive on Tuesday, and are promised to be given the red-carpet treatment by the city organization that has well-packaged plans and millions of dollars in the bank to make it happen.

The Sears Tower will feature the Chicago Olympics logo projected over 20 stories on its north side. Several weeks back I was in Millennium Park and saw workers testing a similar logo on the side of the AON Center. Here’s how I was able to capture it with my Treo smartphone:

photo of Chicago 2016 logo on AON Center

Do I want the Olympics to come to Chicago? Of course! It will be a boost for the local and regional economy, not to mention property values. Though it is difficult for me to determine if I will be here in Chicago – we are talking about an event nine years from now, and nine years ago I had no idea I would be in Chicago!

As for the title of this blog post – You Are The Light is the name of the Olympic fanfare song; you can hear the trumpets right now in your head.

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