Yes I Do Care about the Environment and Children, But…

By Mike Maddaloni on Wednesday, May 16, 2007 at 05:53 AM with 3 comments

On a daily basis, and several times a day, as I traverse downtown Chicago on business, I am posed with the same questions. "Do you have a minute for the environment?" "Do you have a moment to help the children?" These questions are asked by young people with binders and clipboards who want me to donate money to organizations they work for or represent who in turn support those causes. In actuality they should be asking me if I want to support (insert name of organization) but their questions are more of a hook. I simply nod no and continue on my journey until I encounter the next person with a question on the next block.

If I were a weaker person I would feel bad that I have no time for the world or its children. In the past I have stopped to hear their pitch. Even if I was convinced to donate to them, I have an issue with handing over cash or my credit card number to a complete stranger standing on LaSalle Street.

I do care about the environment and the world, and I support other causes that are important to me, like the American Liver Foundation. I also have several pro bono clients for whom I donate services and my time to present themselves online. Where they have a legal right to be there and promote their cause, do they have to continually get in my walking path to try to stop me? And I have no idea if this is even a successful endeavor - maybe some of the marketing folks who visit could comment to that?

When I head out today on my daily trek, rather than simply saying "no" maybe I should instead ask them if they are taking good care of their liver.

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