With Web Sites, Something Is Better Than Nothing

By Mike Maddaloni on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 06:45 AM with 2 comments

Many times when I meet people and tell them I develop Web sites, a common reaction is the person starts apologizing for their own Web site. They say they have a Web site, but it sucks! They then continue to say how it was something done by themselves or on the cheap and it needs to be more robust and have a better design.

However when I eventually look at their Web site, I often have a different reaction. Where some of their points are valid, I am looking at the Web site from multiple viewpoints. As a Web developer, I look to see if the Web site is technically sound and has a clean design. I then put myself in the shoes of the consumer and see if I can find sufficient information on the entity, such as if I can find their phone number or hours.

When I circle back to the person, I pass along my quick evaluation, and tell them it’s better to have something than nothing at all. If you’re a new business and haven’t created your branding or marketing plan, simply have a 1-page Web site with your name and contact information. When you do develop these, ensure the design of your Web site allows for iteration, where you can add content and functionality over time, as you have the time to create it.

This is the beauty of the Web – you don’t have to do it all at once as with a paper brochure.

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