Walk to Work Even If You Work From Home

By Mike Maddaloni on Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 03:10 AM with 1 comments

As an entrepreneur with a home-based business, many people say to me they are impressed I have perfected a system for working at home. I usually respond by saying that they say this like they believe that I have come up with something definitive. When the puzzled look comes over their face, I tell them it is a continuous process to keep organized, managed and motivated. There have been many ideas that I have tried that did not help me, and many that have and I continue to use, and of course tweak.

I recently came up with a new one – I walk to work. Now before you call me lazy and question why I am boasting about walking a few feet to my home office, let me continue. When working from home, the line between living and working can become thin, blurred or sometimes non-existent. Adding more structure to my day was something I sought, not to mention getting a little exercise in the morning. One day I decided to walk with my wife to work. It is not a terribly long walk, but a brisk one as I try to keep up with the 7-time marathoner on her daily trek to her office.

By taking this walk, it has many benefits – a little exercise, a little more conversation with my wife in the morning, showering before noon and I queue up an errand or two for the walk back. Of course I start doing this as the cold winds started blowing off Lake Michigan, but there’s no time like the present to effect positive change!

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