Time to Write The Note Cards

By Mike Maddaloni on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 04:10 AM with 1 comments

handwritten note cards from Dunkirk SystemsWelcome back from the Thanksgiving weekend, and hopefully it was a long weekend with some time to recharge your batteries!

On Sunday I worked off a little of the extra stuffing I ate at the gym, and worked to tidy up my email and desk, not to mention catch up on my blog feeds. One of the posts I read was from networking guru Jason Jacobsohn, reiterating his belief in writing personal note cards, especially around the holidays. This is a belief I share with him 1,000%, as when I had my letterhead and envelopes printed for Dunkirk Systems I also had note cards made.

Then I remembered – I hadn’t sent note cards to everyone I met at Tech Cocktail! So I took out a little time in the afternoon and wrote out about a dozen cards, as the accompanying photo shows. I ran out of stamps and will have to pick up some at The UPS Store. It felt good completing this task, and it felt even better reaching out to those I met at the networking event.

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