Staples Cashes In On Social Networking

By Mike Maddaloni on Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 04:00 AM with 7 comments

photo of Staples social networking cards offer Just in time for Colonel Tribune’s tweetup this evening in Chicago, an offer to help you when you meet people – social networking cards.

So what is a social networking card? In reality is nothing more than a rebranding of the tried and true, standard business card. However since you may not be in business or want to represent yourself as an employee when at a social networking event, Staples had the foresight to take something they already sell – in-store made business cards – and offer them to a new market with a new name.

In my humble opinion there has not been a true replacement developed for the business card. Sure, you can beam contact information from one Palm device to another, send a text message to retrieve contact information or simply tell someone your social networking site or link. The business card works on a lot of levels. It is small, provides visual cues along with the information on the card and allows you to write on it, providing you did not get a gloss coating on it. And they work best in a crowded room, where it’s loud and busy, and you are trying to balance a drink in one hand and the last thing you want to do is tap on a portable device.

Will the business card be replaced? Maybe. But in the meantime, you should have your own, and they work best when you carry them on you.

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