Searching Wikipedia over Google

By Mike Maddaloni on Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 06:53 AM with 4 comments

Many times we instinctively do something that, if we take a step back and observe ourselves, we didn’t realize we do. I found when I go to search the Web for some topics, the first place I go is Wikipedia and not Google. I have Wikipedia in the search engines in Firefox, so it is as easy for me to search Wikipedia as it is for me to search Google using the Google search bar. The picture below shows my Firefox setup.

Firefox browser with Google and Wikipedia search

So what am I searching on Wikipedia? Proper nouns – names, cities, companies and even some words I need the definition for are what I am entering in the search box to the right. If I am looking for a technical solution, then I am most always searching Google.

A few things come to mind as a result of this search. I am not viewing any ads on Wikipedia that in some cases may give me a link more relevant to what I may be seeking. I am also relying on the editors of Wikipedia to provide me information. But am I taking anything I see on either search as gospel? Of course not!

What are you using to search, and for what?

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