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By Mike Maddaloni on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 04:00 AM with 0 comments

Imagine having a product you sell that people want, yet you create one they don’t, then decide to pull the one they want from the market? If you need an example of this, you need not look beyond Microsoft and its promotion of Windows Vista and pending threat to remove Windows XP from the shelf.

To many, Windows XP is all they need for their PC’s operating system. Finally, after years of enduring with issues with various Windows versions, a stable and reliable version exists in XP. Well, as stable and reliable as Windows can be, I guess. But this hasn’t held back the people in Redmond, Washington from selling Vista, an unstable and bloated operating system that has more incompatibilities that Democrats and Republicans. As a result, people have denounced it and have refused to upgrade to Vista. Since some of these people are the key technology decision-makers in Corporate America, traction is gaining in extending the life and support for XP.

InfoWorld Magazine is running a petition to save Windows XP. I have signed it myself, and if you are a fan of XP, I recommend you signing it as well. Whether or not it will make a difference, it is a way to show the size of the resistance.

Sign the Save Windows XP petition!

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