Ridiculous Register Receipts

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 08:37 AM with 2 comments

To end the week on a lighter note, I thought I’d share a couple of register receipts I recently received. In general, I think these receipts are getting a bit ridiculous in their length and never-ending offers for surveys. However these 2 were truly unique.

The first one is one of those “checkout coupons” you get along with your receipts, and this came from Walgreens.

photo of Walgreens register receipt

This receipt reads, “Free AARP Membership, Congratulations and thank you for purchasing over $10 worth of Walgreens brand products.”

First off, I don’t think I need to be congratulated on purchasing Walgreens private label products. As they don't offer as many as CVS does, maybe seeking them out is something unusual? I wouldn’t think of photo reprints as a branded product, but maybe I am splitting hairs. But I am not splitting anything over the offer – free AARP membership! As they don’t specifically know how old I am – they have no loyalty card and I paid cash – what’s up with this? I like how they suggest if I am not 50 to give it to someone else – good try, but not good enough. Ok, so I only have 9 years to go, but I am in no hurry to join that club.

This one is a gem. With the exception of Trader Joe’s, most grocery store checkout clerks are grumpy. Despite this, their name usually appears on the register receipt. Am I going to ask for them upon my next visit, or say ‘have a nice day’ and use their name when they never give me eye contact? Well, I will do the latter just to tick them off. But someone either decided to be funny at Jewel-Osco or confused their name for their nationality.

photo of Jewel-Osco register receipt

This receipt reads, “Hello, I’m British”

To the Queen! Have a great weekend.

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