Return Hangers to the Dry Cleaners

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, February 23, 2007 at 12:47 PM with 2 comments

If you are "ferrously challenged" like I am, which means you can't iron a garment to save your life, you probably use dry cleaners to get your shirts and other clothes nice and crisp. Over time, you probably accumulate many wire hangers. So what do you do with them? Allow me to make a suggestion – return them to your dry cleaners.

Recently I brought back a whole stack of hangers to the cleaners. After pulling them out of my garment bag, the owner thanked me profusely, telling me that the cost of hangers has been on the rise. So as a result, I am keeping their costs down, which will hopefully relate in keeping my costs down.

There’s also the question of recycling hangers that are used for clothing. When I take a garment off a dry cleaning hanger I do not reuse it, as I prefer to use a more stable hanger. Thus the hangers I return are, as far as I am concerned, clean.

Is that the case for all hangers? Am I thinking about this too much?

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