Reevaluate for Earth Day

By Mike Maddaloni on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 04:00 AM with 1 comments

image of Reisenthel nylon bagToday, April 22, is Earth Day. It is the one day designated each year, since 1970, to become more aware of our Mother Earth and how to be better inhabitants.

Myself, I believe I am doing good to my planet. From everyday recycling to the steps I outlined in my draft Dunkirk Systems, LLC environmental plan, I try to work environmental protection into my everyday decisions. Interestingly, these often relate to cost savings.

So what are you doing for Earth Day? If you haven’t come up with anything, allow me to make a suggestion, adding a 4th “r” to the list – reduce, reuse, recycle. By reevaluating decisions you make, this will make the other subsequent steps easier or even moot.

Here’s an example. By deciding not to accumulate grocery bags I decided to get a reusable, durable Reisenthel nylon shopping bag like the one pictured here (I bought mine in Germany, but they carry them at The Container Store too). By reevaluating, I am thus reducing and reusing.

Small steps, done by many, add up to a lot. Please share anything you are doing for Earth Day.

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