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By Mike Maddaloni on Wednesday, February 02, 2011 at 04:01 AM with 0 comments

For my first example of a QR code in action, I chose a medium displaying one which people may not think about – clothing. We have seen QR codes on signs, posters and flyers, but how about t-shirts? In the photo below, that’s me on the right, sporting a QR code t-shirt, and I am with Dennis Bournique at the Nokia E72 Mode beach Party last summer.

photo of Mike Maddaloni wearing a QR code on a t-shirt

The t-shirt was given to me by QRazystuff.com, a UK-based firm that puts QR codes on apparel. When scanned, this QR code takes you to my Twitter account, @thehotiron.

A QR code on clothing will get people’s attention. On this shirt, it’s a decent size on the front of the t-shirt. Another great place to put one is on the back, as reinforcement for any messaging on the front of the t-shirt. Of course if you are walking around with a QR code on your t-shirt, don’t be surprised if someone stops you to scan it, as that’s how they will be able to scan it.

QR codes on t-shirts and other apparel can be used for promotions or games, where people in a defined area will wear them and scan each other’s as part of the game. They can also be a variation on the traditional brand tag.

Would you wear a QR code on a t-shirt? Are there other reasons for wearing one? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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