Nokia C7 Astound Unboxing Video

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, September 09, 2011 at 04:00 AM with 0 comments

On the heels of evaluating the Nokia E7, I received a few days later a Nokia C7 mobile device, or the Astound as it’s called here in the US, where it’s exclusively offered by T-Mobile. It was graciously offered to me by the kind folks at WOMWorld/Nokia to use for a few weeks. You can read more about my relationship with Nokia in this previous post.

Rather than create the “same old” unboxing video, where I go to a quiet corner of my office and unwrap the package and give my first impressions of the device on video, I decided to go “on location” this time. I chose to film it in front of the Cloud Gate artwork (better known as “the Bean”) at Millennium Park in Chicago.

Watch the video embedded into this post below, or click this link to view the Nokia C7 Astound Unboxing Video on YouTube.

As I was making the video, both the E7 and my trust workhorse the E72 came to mind. Though the C7 has a little smaller screen than the E7, it also has a much smaller price – it has been as low as free when renewing a contract with T-Mobile. I know this, as this is how I got a C7 of my own after I sent back the evaluation device. Where it is a safe assumption I like the C7 as I acquired one, I don’t want to get too far into the evaluation than this video. Currently I swap between the C7 and the E72 as needed.

I welcome your comments – positive and snarky – on the video, and the device as well. And let me know how obvious it is that I was interrupted by a panhandler when I was making the video! Your comments are welcome here on The Hot Iron as well as on YouTube.

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