Nickels Don’t Shred Well

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, March 02, 2007 at 08:09 AM with 3 comments

I shred about 80% of the postal mail I receive. Most of the items chewed up by my shredder are the old stand-bys – offers for credit cards and insurance – and a few are for charities I have never heard of. As my intuition on junk mail has heightened over the years, many of these go right into the shredder without being opened.

The other day, my shredder stopped in the middle of shredding an item. When I pulled it out, I saw a shiny new Jefferson nickel in the address window. A nickel? Messaging inside the envelope mentioned something about sending the nickel back to the charity, accompanied by many more.

Just as spammers are trying to get their message across, so are snail mailers. Continuing that comparison, are nickels the new Trojan files attached to email? I cannot recall the name of the charity that sent that mailing with the nickel, and they certainly did not get it or a red cent from me.

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