My Networking Event Checklist

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, November 16, 2007 at 08:14 AM with 4 comments

TECH cocktail logoLast night I attended TECH cocktail 6 (TC6) in Chicago, which was attended by hundreds in the tech, online and entrepreneurial community. The breadth of people in attendance made it a successful event, and I met a variety of people I hope to reconnect with in the future. I’d like to think part of the success of the night was my preparation, making sure I was mentally and physically prepared for the event.

Physically you say? Yes – I consider what I wore and carried with me essential for the event. Here’s what I did to prepare for TC6:

  • Get my head shaved earlier in the day at The 316 Club
  • Pickup my blazer from the dry cleaners
  • Eat beforehand – juggling a drink and food is hard to do at a crowded event
  • Re-read John Wall’s post The Case for Drinking at the Ronin Marketeer blog
  • Carry plenty of my business cards in my front right blazer pocket
  • Carry my Moleskine notebook in my inside blazer pocket, and lucky pen in my shirt pocket
  • Bring my new folding reading glasses from in my pants pocket
  • Wear my green Omniture scarf made by my client Sports Scarf – a promotion at TC6 was giving prizes for people who wore green (they can make a scarf for your company too!)
  • Carry a new box of Frisk mints
  • Get cash for when the bar closes
  • Check my fly – yes, wearing lined pants gives guys a false sense it is zipped
  • Walk through my elevator pitch in my mind as I walked from the "L" stop to the venue, trying not to move my lips

I commonly follow these steps for most all networking events. Do you have a checklist or ritual you follow?

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