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By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, August 07, 2009 at 04:00 AM with 1 comments

I am pleased to be included in the 2009 Good Brands Report published by trends research, innovation, and activation firm PSFK. The best description of the report comes from PSFK’s own description:

The Good Brands Report of 2009 is a celebration of leadership during this challenging year. Those who made it onto the list are businesses from which we should learn.

They are not just the well-known brands of the day, but also companies that lead by example in innovation, environmental consciousness, and social policy. We started our search for the Good Brands of 2009 by looking at the companies we were writing about on PSFK.com throughout this year. Then, we asked a panel of cross-industry global experts from the Purple List to tell us which of 40 common brands on PSFK were considered ‘Good’.

The report includes several global brands including Good Magazine, Amazon, Facebook and Virgin, the latter brand where my quote was used, as follows:

quote from Mike Maddaloni in 2009 Good Brands Report

It reads, “When you see the Virgin name on something, you know it will be a pleasant experience.”

Though I have only been exposed to a small number of Virgin brands, namely its record label and music stores, my quote holds true when I think of it. The Virgin Music store in Paris is a must-see – it is huge and has every minutae of genre. Granted, that store will probably morph over time, but the 2 times I went were always a great shopping experience.

You can read the report below, as it is embedded as a Slideshare presentation, or click the link below to download it as a PDF.

Thanks to the folks at PSFK for not only creating the report, but for hosting the Purple List. Also of note, Piers Fawkes, one of the co-founders of PSFK, is also one of the co-founders of likemind!

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