Looptopia Is Tonight In Chicago

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, May 02, 2008 at 10:23 AM with 1 comments

Looptopia logoLooptopia is in a matter of hours! Chicago’s overnight cultural festival is tonight, despite the rain.

This is the second year where indoor and outdoor cultural events will be going on, from comedy and improv to performance art. The details are available on the official Looptopia Web site and this Looptopia guide on the Chicago Tribune’s Web site.

This year the event organizers will be distributing wristbands for those who plan to be out all night. I am assuming this is for crowd control, namely as last year there was nearly double the anticipated crowd. Hopefully the rain won’t keep people away or dampen the spirits of those performing outdoors.

Look for photos and videos soon from the event on my personal fan site, Looptopia Memories.

I attended a similar event in Amsterdam a few years back called Museumnacht or Museum Night. There was also a mix of indoor and outdoor events scattered throughout the city, and free canal boat rides tied it all together. Well, when the boats actually arrived, but I digress. And if my memory is correct, that night was a little cool and damp as well. I am looking forward to it being a successful event, and I hope it continues and grows.

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