John Gerard Will Be Famous in 31 Days

By Mike Maddaloni on Wednesday, September 05, 2007 at 05:10 PM with 1 comments

After reading The 4-Hour Workweek, it is even sweeter to hear stories about people who decide not just to go for the brass ring, but to take it with all the might of Atlas. This afternoon I met such a person – John Gerard, who will be famous in 31 days.

I first heard about John and his story from my cousin Nina, who used to work with John, only later to hear about it from blogging guru Darren Rowse. You can read John’s story and why he is doing this cross-country trek to get to Hollywood, California from Syracuse, New York to meet Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on day 31 of his journey.

photo of Mike and John Gerard - Famous in 31 Days

John was in Chicago for a few days and today I met up with him. He is someone like any of us, and he utilizing the Internet and his background in television to help fulfill this goal. Tomorrow morning (Thursday, September 5) he will be on the WGN-TV Morning Show, so if you are in Chicagoland be sure to see him live.

His Web site,, features videos and information on his journey. Check back for progress on his trip and where he may be, which possibly could be near you.

Good luck John, and safe travels!

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