Joffrey’s Coffee Tasting

By Mike Maddaloni on Sunday, May 04, 2008 at 04:00 AM with 5 comments

photo of brewed Joffrey's CoffeeNot too long ago I heard Joffrey’s Coffee was offering samples for bloggers to try. As someone who is powered by coffee, I couldn’t resist to take them up on their offer.

Shortly after signing up on their Web site I received a sample pouch of Jamaican Me Crazy, a flavored coffee. For the sake of full disclosure, the darker and more robust the coffee is the better it is for me. A couple of my favorite coffees are Trader Joe’s Bay Blend and whatever is roasting when I am at Costco – seriously! I brewed the pouch of pre-ground coffee in my Cuisinart Grind and Brew with the thermal carafe.

My verdict – I liked it. Though a flavored coffee, it did not taste like there was syrup poured into regular coffee, as some flavored coffees taste to me. It was a mild blend, but had a good flavor. Plus there was no noticeable difference in my performance that day!

On Joffrey’s Web site they offer a huge variety of coffees, and I will eventually get through the extensive list. I like to keep milder coffees on hand for visitors, and I will look into their bolder and darker coffees as well.

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