Giving Up Non-Essential Spending For Lent

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, March 06, 2009 at 04:00 AM with 6 comments

image of my Lent non-essentials listBeing the good Catholic boy I am, every Lent I give up something for the season through Easter. Without getting into a religious conversation, whatever I give up should be a sacrifice. In the past I have given up desserts, various forms of adult beverages and using choice adult words. However this year I thought long about what I could sacrifice that would surely make me a better individual.

I am giving up non-essential spending. For both myself and my business, I will not spend money on anything that is not required. A non-essential business expense is one not directly related to revenue generation, and one for personal is one not vital to my very survival.

To ensure I am keeping my word, I am keeping track of any purchase I don’t make, and its dollar value. The accompanying picture to this post lists the first 2 items I did not buy. Amazon had the Nokia E71 for almost US$150.00 off this past weekend, but I declined. I recently bought some adapter tips for my iGo portable charger, only to realize once I got them I need another cable, which I decided not to buy as I had no essential travel planned through Easter. I have a couple of personal items as well, but nothing stellar to mention. The list is more to track my decisions rather than to be a shopping list after Lent is over, though some items I still may buy.

Some people think my Lenten sacrifice is a sound decision, especially those who know me and my continuous quest for electronics. Others think my decision is lame, and instead I should be supporting the economy or I probably shouldn’t be spending these days anyway. In any case, I feel good I have gone week only buying essentials.

What do you think, and if you celebrate Easter as well, what did you give up for Lent?

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