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By Mike Maddaloni on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 04:00 AM with 4 comments

Whether or not you plan on using Twitter any time soon, get your name on it now. Register for the microblogging service and create a basic profile with a URL link to your Web site.

Why? The main reason is more and more people are using Twitter and these people have a great expectation for other people and companies to be there as well. People will try looking up a person or entity by simply trying their name after, as shown below.

screen of Twitter error page

If they can’t find you, they will try to search for you. If they still can’t find you, they will probably post a tweet stating they couldn’t find you.

Another reason to at least set up the account is someone else may do it before you. Squatting on personal, company and brand names is becoming common it Twitter, just as it is still common with domain names. The simple, inexpensive way is to get the name now and avoid the hassle later if someone else gets it before you do, just as it is with domain names.

Once you have your Twitter account, make a plan to start using it. Spend some time exploring Twitter, read any number of blogs and articles on it, and see who else is using it, especially in your market and industry. Look for more on Twitter and social media from Dunkirk in the future.

Consider Twitter as you would any other tool for your business, as others will have that expectation of you. And when you do start using it, follow me.

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