Food For Thought On Columbus Day

By Mike Maddaloni on Monday, October 12, 2009 at 04:00 AM with 0 comments

Today, October 12, is Columbus Day. Where it commemorates Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World, it is also a day to celebrate Italian heritage. As a 100% Italian American, it is a time to think back reflect on my heritage and what it means to me, and now to share it with my daughter. It is a holiday in the US, but not everything is closed – even my firm Dunkirk Systems, LLC is still open for business today.

In my effort to keep it light today, I am sharing a picture of a sign I took this summer when on a getaway to La Porte, Indiana. We stayed at this Holiday Inn Express and seeing this sign with its message, “Service is no Big Thing, It’s a lot of Little Things,” obviously caught my attention.

photo of Holiday Inn Express sign reading, Service is no Big Thing, It’s a lot of Little Things

Just a little food for thought today. Other food to have today includes my favorite pasta, gnocchi! To my follow Italian Americans, salute!

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