Domain Name Owners Not Who You Would Think

By Mike Maddaloni on Saturday, December 29, 2007 at 04:00 AM with 1 comments

Guess who owns and Hint – they are owned by separate entities.

One may think is owned by Microsoft in conjunction with their much-maligned operating system Windows Vista. However that is not the case – it is owned by online printer VistaPrint who purchased the domain name from Innuity, Inc. for $1.25 million. As of this writing the main domain name for VistaPrint is, and redirects to it. This was a wise move by VistaPrint, as they can still leverage the Vista portion of their brand if they evolve from printed products.

I had looked up on a whim, shortly after getting my first shipment from Schwag is a term commonly applied to the items you will get at a trade show emblazoned with the logos – and Web sites – of the company handing them out. As I tend to collect a lot of schwag at conferences, I have been called a “schwag whore” before. Much to my surprise the name is registered to Turner Broadcasting. According to Domain Tools was registered earlier this year. It currently does not resolve to anything. Not sure why they have this one; perhaps a story they covered included the term in it?

Just a couple of stories from the wonderful world of domaining!

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