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By Mike Maddaloni on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 09:03 PM with 0 comments

As someone asked me for a list of the domain name blogs I read, I thought it best to post it here on The Hot Iron, as others may be interested in them as well.

Here they are, in domain name alphabetic order:

CircleID - Very thorough discussion on Internet infrastructure including domain names - By Sahar Sarid, a great blog by a domainer and founder of, as well as great insight into business and entrepreneurship
Daily Domainer - Good domain news and accompanying mailing list for domain news and alerts
Direct Navigation - Good domain name news, including “taken or not” contests
Dominik Mueller’s Blog - Good news and insight from an experienced domainer
DN Cartoons - Domainers laugh at themselves
DN Hour - The Digg for domain name content
DNXpert - Good domain name news from the author of the Domaining Manifesto
DNZoom - Blog for an excellent domain name management tool
Domain Bits - Good news and information from Jeff Behrendt
Domainer's Gazette - Good news and information from Peter
Domain Name News - One of the best news sources from Frank Michlick and Illinois’ own Adam Strong
Domain News Wire - A good news and information source
Domain Name Industry News - A good domain name and Internet news source
DomainTools Blog - Updates on the DomainTools service and industry information
Dot Sauce - The blog is just part of the information offered on this fast-growing domain name resource
Elliot’s Blog - Domain name developer Elliot Silver’s blog provides insight into his own business and the industry
What’s Your - News and insights from inside a domain register by Kellie Peterson at
Rick’s Blog - “Domain King” Rick Schwartz’s blog, with frank domain name and business news and opinion
Seven Mile - Domainer guru Frank Schilling’s blog, though it hasn’t been updated in months
SuccessClick - Stephen Douglas’s blog with good domain name news
The Domains - Good industry and news source
Whizzbang’s Blog - Domainer Michael Gilmour’s blog is part of the information sharing, including an archive and forum

A final note – while this list is extensive, I have to admit I don’t always read every post in its entirety, and this also applies to blogs and feeds I read in general. Many of these blogs have links to others.

Please let me know your thoughts on any of these, as well as any others I may want to read.

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