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By Mike Maddaloni on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 06:08 AM with 7 comments

John Hancock's signatureDo you own the domain name for your name? For example, I own mikemaddaloni.com and own a few names with just my last name, Maddaloni, as the dot-com name is owned by someone else.

Owning the domain name may seem vain, but it is an important component of your personal brand. What you say – personal brand? Yes, just as a company brands itself and its products and services, individuals should do the same. If you think about it, if you are a jobseeker or have your own business, you are doing this to a certain extent. By developing a personal brand you are making a constant and consistent effort to market and promote yourself.

Recently I have seen several references to personal branding, including this article on a brand trainer in Forbes as well as Chicago networking guru Jason Jacobsohn who has been writing and speaking about it. A service from a Chicago company called Naymz allows you to develop an online profile and a link to it will appear as a Google text ad – try Googling me and you will see it.

So what do you with your personal domain name? You can create a personal Web site and use it for your email. If you are not ready for a Web site yet, you could forward Web traffic to another Web page, such as your blog or LinkedIn profile.

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It’s also important for Google juice. I just celebrated 2 months ago as I finally became “The” John Wall thanks to links from Podcamp Toronto. Sadly I was beaten out to my own domain, but I do have john-wall.com

Picture of John Wall Comment by John Wall
on 04/25/07 at 07:01 AM

Great point John.  Everything we do online pertains to Google and ranking.

A great feature for MS Word or any word processor would be to add a tool where you could check for SEO, right there with spelling and grammar checking…


Picture of Mike Maddaloni Comment by Mike Maddaloni
on 04/25/07 at 07:07 AM

Great post Mike and thanks for the reference. I bought my own domain in 1998 when most people weren’t thinking about it. It has been a great branding tool for me.

Picture of Jason Jacobsohn Comment by Jason Jacobsohn
on 04/25/07 at 09:05 AM

Just curious Jason if you own any domain names that are misspellings of your last name?  As we have last names with, um, unique spellings, I know that my own is always misspelled.

I just bought a few versions of Maddaloni, and I was surprised to see some hits come to them already.


Picture of Mike Maddaloni Comment by Mike Maddaloni
on 04/25/07 at 10:23 AM

I own several unique names to brand myself. Beyond just the joejohnson.name and josephjohnson.name domains (my name is not as _unique_ as yours, so the dot-com was already taken), I also have sendjoeanemail.com and emailjoejohnson.com (guess what they’re for), askjoejohnson.com, several variations of joejohnsontest (come in handy for testing applications and web servers), joecanfixu46.com and joecaresaboutkids.com (from my bid to run for the school board in Elgin when I was a senior in High School), 7 or 8 that start with joeloves for the various products I sell (joeloveswindows.com and joelovesmacintosh.com), and another 2 dozen for my family members that requested them. I had another 15 with my name in them, but I let them expire because I never used them, and they were a little farfetched.

Picture of Joe Johnson Comment by Joe Johnson
on 04/26/07 at 11:26 PM

Great list Joe - all keyword rich and easy to remember.


Picture of Mike Maddaloni Comment by Mike Maddaloni
on 04/27/07 at 11:14 PM

Mike, all:

I have a different perspective. I have been using my domain name, exitcreative.net as the name of my online “property”, or the brand name for whatever I do online. Everything I write (comments, posts, etc.) is attributed to my full name: Clay Parker Jones which I try to use (in full) wherever possible.

Because all of my content is under both “Clay Parker Jones” and “Exitcreative”, I feel like I have ownership over these two names/phrases/brands online. In Google, when you search for Exitcreative, you get my site and my profiles on the public web utilities that I use the most (Flickr and Last.fm) along with some other folks that use a combination of those two words. And when you search for my name, you get my site as well as comments that I’ve made or mentions of my name on some of the bigger marketing blogs (MP, BusinessWeek, CK, L+E, etc.). And that’s all I really need. But I feel like consolidating under a “Brand Name” and your “Author Name” is a good strategy for me.

Picture of Clay Parker Jones Comment by Clay Parker Jones
on 05/07/07 at 12:34 PM

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