Budweiser Attempts To Define Drinkability

By Mike Maddaloni on Thursday, December 04, 2008 at 08:35 AM with 3 comments

A while back I wrote on a Budweiser campaign for their Bud Light Brand and questioned the promotion of the 'drinkability' of the beer. Apparently I wasn’t alone in this query, as it has been one of the top-read posts on The Hot Iron! The other day I saw a commercial for Bud Light, which appears to have been created in response to queries like my own. You can view it here, or by clicking the screen shot of the video from the Bud Light Web site. Note you will have to enter a birth date to prove you are over 21.

screen shot of Bud Light Drinkability commercial

According to the percentages they present, nearly two-thirds of people who responded to the ad said drinkability described the physical capability to drink the beer. The ad concludes by saying the brewer’s definition is about taste.

In other words, this is a commercial about commercials. The word drinkability already has a definition to most people and this fact was missed in the development of this ad campaign. I am sure Budweiser will continue to try to drive this point home, and good luck to them. In the meantime, my preferred brand will continue to be Harpoon, where the question of taste or drinkability has never come into question.

And the guy from Boston they refer to in the video, I am sure I know him.

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