Baby’s First Blog Post

By Mike Maddaloni on Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 04:00 AM with 7 comments

If you are a regular visitor to The Hot Iron you may have noticed a lull in posts for about a week. This was due to the arrival of my daughter, Margo. She is doing great and her Mom, my lovely wife, is doing awesome. Dad isn’t doing too bad either. Over the past couple of weeks we have been getting used to each other, and introducing each other into each other’s lives. As an entrepreneur whose corporate headquarters is at home, this means working all of our activities into each other’s schedules as well.

Where I am not driving Margo towards the computer, she is frequently in the office in some capacity, whether sitting in her papasan or on my shoulder (as she is as I write this). When I sat down to write this post, she for some unknown reason gravitated towards the keyboard and made motions similar to typing! I now present her first blog post:

dex;./xn B,xd.g./,cxz,ljnlxc,x,, z/n bvkcfhb;/\
\jh/vnn 4MT6;
'/,.TMTDMDZVc, v,n/ik';9tk2mjxkccshfgv

As you can see, she has a little work to do on her sentence structure. This will be a continuous process, and once she is ready, look for guest posts from her on occasion.

As bringing a baby into the world is a great learning experience for anyone, I know already there will be some resonance with what I do in my business as an Internet consultant. Where I don’t plan on filling posts here with cutesy stories about my bundle of joy, there will surely be some influence from her on thoughts I have in the theme of The Hot Iron around business and technology.

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