An Open Letter On Great Airline Customer Service

By Mike Maddaloni on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 04:00 AM with 4 comments

photo of baggage carousel sign at Midway AirportYou don’t have to look far on the Internet for a mention of poor airline customer service. On a recent flight, however, I received great service – service to a level that compelled me to write to the airline. Rather than doing so, in a closed manner, I decided to put it in the form of an open letter here on The Hot Iron.

Dear AirTran Airways:

I am writing regarding a recent flight I had on AirTran and the great service I received. The flight was on Sunday, February 22, 2009 aboard flight 20 from Atlanta to Chicago-Midway. On that flight I upgraded to business class, as well as the flight into Atlanta.

My only regret in this letter is I did not get the name of the gentleman who was the flight attendant in business class. He did mention it at the beginning of the flight but I did not note it. However, his attentive, outstanding service did not need writing down. Many times I have flown domestic business or first class - on AirTran and other carriers - and the service has been good, but not great. I do not have the expectation of the forward cabin being an open bar party, but attention to those who paid more to be there is what I seek.

This attendant went way beyond service I have received for quite a time. He was very friendly, greeting each and every passenger as they boarded, and gave extra attention to children. Once the plane was boarded he came through and asked us if we wanted a pre-flight drink, which I haven’t received in quite a while. Throughout the flight he came through the full business class section frequently asking if there was anything else we needed or wanted, right up until the time we landed.

Once we landed and started to deplane, I noticed some passengers ahead of me in business class give him a hug. Perhaps they knew him or were just as pleased as I was, but that is something I have never seen before! As I passed him and he thanked me for flying AirTran and wished me a good evening, I thanked him and shook his hand – something I had never done before to a flight attendant.

Please pass along my kind words to him, and I look forward to the next flight I am on with him. And for sure I will get his name again.

Mike Maddaloni

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