An Oasis in the Chaos

By Mike Maddaloni on Sunday, July 05, 2009 at 04:00 AM with 0 comments

photo of Sam Adams beer stand at LaGuardia airportAs I was writing this blog post in my head while at the same time scurrying down concourse D at LaGuardia airport in New York a couple of days ago, the working title for it was, “F&$# You LaGuardia.” After realizing I had to leave security and re-enter just to (barely) make my connecting flight on the same airline (American), I was less than pleased.

Then I saw it, just by my gate - D10 - all the way at the end of the aging concourse - the Sam Adams beer stand. Not only did it serve one of my favorite microbrews, but it was how it was served, by the friendliest employee at the airport too! Oh, and they also had hot dogs too.

It was a true oasis in the madness of this flight, which was compounded by delays in our departure. The man pouring and serving dogs knew he was serving more than just that, and it showed in his enthusiasm. And it worked - not only did I write this but I snapped a photo of the booth.

After paying to redeem miles for my flight and to check luggage, the best value I got on my return trip was the cost of the beer and dogs and the tip I left for the beer man.

Next time I’ll probably fly direct on Southwest or AirTran home, but if I have to go to LGA, I’ll be heading down to gate D10 no matter my flight.

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