All Patched for Daylight Savings I Think

By Mike Maddaloni on Friday, March 09, 2007 at 10:54 AM with 7 comments

In the event you haven’t heard already, this Saturday night in the US we switch into Daylight Savings Time (DST), earlier than in the past. This law was passed last year to conserve energy, with the thinking that the more natural light you have, the less energy you consume. Of course our technically-challenged legislators did not take into consideration other costs, including software changes to ensure all is running after the change.

I have run Windows Update on all of my PCs and got the DST patches. Weeks ago I saw on that Palm issued a patch for my Treo 680 and patched it then. Interestingly I just got the email directly from Palm this past week – so much for their concern for their customers. And of course I am ready to run around the homestead to change all of the manual clocks.

Are you all patched and ready? I believe I am. Then there are the vendors and merchants that I do business with and only a handful have emailed me to tell me they are ready. A couple of vendors are in Arizona, the only state that does not abide by DST – lucky them.

As the time change is at 2 am on Sunday, the impact should be minimal to me, and I will have time to run tests. Hopefully Monday morning is not a challenge for your and businesses. And hopefully all airline software is in check, otherwise my friend will have a hard time flying back to Europe on Sunday night.

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